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Founder & CEO


Nick is the Founder and CEO of Integral Athletic Optimization. A former UCLA Baseball National Champion and Professional Baseball Player, Nick brings specific knowledge to elite sport performance. Nick received a Physiological Science degree from UCLA and holds a certification in personal training from the National Association of Sports Medicine. In addition, Nick received “Athlete of the Year Award” from the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association for his return to baseball and weight gain after losing 40 pounds in his battle with Ulcerative Colitis.

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Sport Performance Specialist


Jordan is a sport performance specialist and head strength coach at Integral. Jordan attended Tarleton State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Jordan also played football at Tarleton State University and played professionally for the Green Bay Blizzard team. After his playing career, Jordan interned as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Tarleton State University. Jordan brings his extensive knowledge of collegiate and professional sports and strength & conditioning to get our athletes to the next level.

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Head Speed and Agility Coach & Sport Performance Trainer


Jess is a sport performance trainer and head speed and agility coach at Integral. Jess is a former collegiate track and football player who specializes in speed and agility and athletic development. He graduated from Valley City State University with a degree in Business Administration and continued his study at Concordia University Irvine graduating with a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration. In addition, he holds a certification in speed and agility from the National Sports Performance Association. Jess is also a defensive back coach and strength and conditioning coordinator for Fontana High School.

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Sport Performance Trainer


Lonyae Miller Jr. is a Sport Performance Trainer at Integral. Lonyae is a former NFL Football Player and Super Bowl Champion, and D1 College Athlete. Lonyae played for the Dallas Cowboys (2010), Oakland Raiders (2012), Seattle Seahawks (2012), and the Baltimore Ravens where his team won the Super Bowl in 2013. Before playing professionally, Lonyae attended CSU Fresno playing D1 football with a full ride scholarship, playing as a true freshman, winning the Humanitarian Bowl (2007), all while maintaining an outstanding GPA. Lonyae finished his college career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Majors: Kinesiology, Communications and Social Work. After his retirement from professional football, Lonyae continued his work with the NFL through volunteering with NFL Play 60 and Jay Novaceck Summer Camp. Lonyae has been training and coaching youth athletes since 2016 - specializing in running back training, developing strength and agility, and mentoring youth athletes along the path to becoming collegiate athletes. Lonyae’s work goes beyond just the field as he is also a youth behavioral mentor for the Ontario Montclair School District. At Integral, Lonyae trains aspiring athletes in Strength Development as well as Speed and Agility.

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